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HTML content not showing user-friendly also did't save edited html content


Hello ,
Thanks for this great tools.
 I am trying to show html content user-friendly but unable to do this from last couple of days , also when edited html content is not saving in xml file.
please check attached image
please help me :(
Thanks in advance.

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udayandas wrote Aug 16, 2014 at 12:29 PM

w.r.t editing HTML content , have you checked if your HTML data is well-formed ? unlike XML, html allows you to write non-well formed content and the xml editor will fail to parse because currently the editor does not check for well-formedness of the content.

in order to show user-friendly content (like in the Node Editor) you can run it through the decoder on the client e.g. you can use JQuery's html() function. But ensure to encode it when saving the changes and before posting it back.