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Most frequently asked questions:

How to save without showing the 'Authenticate User' popup?
Refer the SaveChanges() javascript function in the demo.js or config-editor.js (in xMLWebpadDemo project). If you do not want the user to be authenticated before saving simply remove the check if (userauthenticated)_

Do I have to use the XMLEditorService.asmx?
Not necessarily. It is one of the many approaches to call the server side methods in XMLwebpad.dll. Alternatively, one could use PageMethods. I would not recommend post-back due to the state maintenance issues and overheads.

What is the use of IdentityManager?
This is a library that you can use in any .Net application to programatically authenticate windows domain user and run any code base under that user's security context. In context of XML Webpad, say you are trying to view and edit a xml file on a UNC share. Assuming your domain account is on the ACL and have atleast read access, and your web application uses anonyous access, you need to use IdentityManager to execute under your own account's security context to rview and edit the XML file.

Why can't we rename the element node?
Almost all tree-to-tree correction algorithm makes this assumption that only leaf nodes are allowed to be updated. The reason being since generic tree correction algorithm is NP-complete, we need to make certain assumption to run it in polynomial time

How to add or modify nodes?
Select any node in the XML tree and then click the '+' icon or hit F2. It ill bring up the 'Node Editor'. The 'Add' action is context sensitive and aware of the selected node type and displays the appropriate 'Node Editor' e.g. if you selected an Attribute, the Node Editor ill display the option to modify the attributes.

Ho does drag-n-drop work?
It works based predefined set of rules e.g. you cannot drag an element and drop it on an attribute

What is a 'Regular Node'?
Regular node is nothing but a element node.

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